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Marcelo Neira was born in Buenos Aires in 1963 and has lived  there since. His paintings have become fine and desirable pieces of art, within the years, requested by collectors all over the world.


He worked first as an illustrator and has been a member of the Society of Illustrators of NY, USA. 
After a couple of years publishing his works in important newspapers and magazines, he began painting mainly portraits. 
He also worked as a painter for TV shows where he did portraits of the guests, sports celebrities, movie and TV stars.

He began painting with Fluidine inks as watercolor on artistic cardboard, but now his artworks are done on large artistic Fabriano  papers  with gouache and acrylics mixed with different mediums, adding collage and getting great and impressive paintings as a result.


He usually does celebrity portraits and sells them directly to customers all over the world but he's also very pleased to do commissioned artworks.


Just send him the digital image you would like to be painted and he does his job.


Since he's a big Sinatra collector and got the largest Ol´Blue Eyes collection of music and memorabilia in Argentina, he´s being  hosting a Sinatra radio show since 1995  in one of the main Argentinean broadcastings .


Please, feel free to contact him at




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